What makes a great wedding celebrant?

If you don’t have the bonus of knowing a great Wedding Celebrant, it can be hard to know what to look for, let alone who to hire.

The most important thing to remember is that the Celebrant that you choose has to be the right fit for you. Someone that has the style and personality that you want for your important day and someone who is willing to take the time to listen to what you want.

So where do you start? The only way to find your ideal Celebrant is to talk to them. Let’s face it, it’s their speaking ability and their professionalism that you are choosing.

We at “Love Me Do Weddings” have compiled a few attributes that we believe great celebrants need to have and of course it is what we know we are good at! We want to be the best in our chosen profession and are always striving to improve what we do.

Great Wedding Celebrants;

  1. They know how seriously important your wedding day is to you.

Great wedding celebrants won’t let you down. Their level of commitment is never compromised.  They spend a lot of time getting to know you, creating and writing your ceremony as well as practicing its presentation. Super organized with excellent time management skills; nothing throws them. A great celebrant affords you the luxury of being able to relax and enjoy your ceremony – which also makes your guests have a good time too.

  1. They are consummate presenters.

A great wedding celebrant is a storyteller. They are fun and engaging. Their confidence shows in their face, gestures and body language. They don’t rush. They allow pauses. They know what they’re doing, and this confidence draws the couple and their guests. They make the couple, and their guests feel connected. They take them on an emotional journey that is personal and engaging to be part of.

  1. They know how to create memorable moments.

Great wedding celebrants know that the best marriage ceremonies are entrenched in truth and created with intention. They listen and decode everything that their couples say and do so that they can create a ceremony that is authentic. The writing process can take hours, even days to find the right words to convey the couple’s distinctive character. They are patient. The value of a great celebrant is that your marriage ceremony is unique. It is exclusively yours – personal and heartfelt.

  1. They value collaboration.

A great wedding celebrant is a good communicator who creates rapport easily to get the best from a couple. Often couples do not exactly know what they want for their ceremony, or they may know what they want, but struggle to express it. A great celebrant is intuitive. They listen to their couples on a deep level to assess their needs and determine their vision. A great wedding celebrant provides a copy of the ceremony for review. They value the couple’s input.

  1. They’re fun and creative.

Great wedding celebrants don’t take themselves too seriously. They behave ethically but know how to combine the serious matter of getting married with the fun side of planning a wedding. They are creative. They welcome ideas, perspectives and offer lots of ideas and choice. They are relentless learners and seek new influences and inspiration to fuel ideas, and to enhance their writing and presentation skills.

  1. They’re more than willing to help you.

A great wedding celebrant provides lots of ideas and information about ceremony design and content. They provide help with writing marriage vows, offer suggestions for wedding music and readings. They work with their couples to devise ways to include family, friends, traditions, cultural and faiths. They know a wedding is a mix of heightened emotions. They offer experience in dealing with logistics, family dynamics, and high expectations. They continue to educate themselves in legal matters, ceremony creation and relationship issues. They actively seek to improve their practice.

  1. And, they are really good at creating an awesome atmosphere.

A great wedding celebrant hosts your wedding ceremony. They set the vibe and make everyone feel welcomed. They mesh easily with your guests. They have the best PA system available so that everyone can hear your marriage ceremony. They can control the music, before, during and after the ceremony to create the perfect atmosphere and moments. They are calm and professional. They can manage any challenge that may arise on your wedding day – before or during the ceremony. If problems arise on the day, you can rely on them to act on your behalf, knowing they have your best interest at heart. Your enjoyment is their number one priority.