ceremony music


If you would like music for the ceremony only, we are usually contracted for one hour. This covers the arrival of the guests, the bridal entrance, signing of the register, and the newlyweds greeting the guests following the ceremony.  If the ceremony is a full Catholic mass, you should book us for one and a half hours, as the mass itself is almost an hour.

For civil ceremonies, we are often booked for one and a half hours so that guests have some background music while photos are being taken.  The length of booking can be varied to suit your requirements.


Strings adds an extra touch that can only be created by live musical performance and will enhance the experience for you and your guests.  We typically provide an ensemble consisting of strings only, or a group with strings and flute.


Our professional wedding singers can provide the ultimate intimate experience as your entry song signing of the register and announcement song as newlyweds. Our singers will provide a great selection of songs and can also learn your chosen song.


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Prior to the ceremony

We provide music as the guests arrive, which is usually 10-15 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bride.

The Ceremony
Music is usually played during any or all parts of the ceremony, including:

*  the processional, as the bride walks down the aisle, or into the gardens

*  the signing of the register

*  the recessional, after the announcement of the newlyweds as they exit the church or greet guests in the gardens.

We also provide music for the offertory, communion, hymns, or any part of the ceremony where requested.

Musical items for the ceremony
You may select the music for all or part of the ceremony, and we will be happy to assist. If specific pieces are not requested, a typical format would be:

*  for the entrance of the bride: either a soothing piece or a bright, announcing piece

*  for the signing of the register: a slow piece

*  after the announcement: a fast and joyful piece

The exact format is tailored for your individual event. We can provide a repertoire for a list of suggestions and listen to some samples.